Zero Victim 6


At some point we all wonder, “Why me?” We are all destined to confront pain in our lives. Some of us experience unspeakable tragedy while others are subject to ridicule, discrimination, mockery-even violence. At times, even the ones we love the most treat us with scorn and disrespect. Let’s face it. We live in a hostile world where imperfect people develop imperfect systems. We all endure difficulties at no fault of our own, turning us each into victims. But have you noticed how some people rise above their victimization while others sink into mental and spiritual defeat?
Despite similar circumstances, some people thrive while others wither away. In Zero Victim, author and corporate executive James Ward shows how repeated victimization destroys your positive outlook by permanently creating negative memories and damaged emotions. He exposes victimization as the real problem-not your set of unfortunate circumstances. In this revolutionary book, Ward shows you how to develop a programmed mind-set to overcome injustice and recognize victory in every situation. His revolutionary “Zero Victim Mentality” will set you free from your days of fear, depression, and discouragement.



The Author

James Ward is a pastor, author, entrepreneur, and community leader who speaks nationally and internationally on cultural and spiritual issues. He has been seen and heard across America on television and radio, both as a host and guest on numerous programs and networks, including TBN, CTN, The Word Network, LESEA Broadcasting, and The 700 Club. As a visionary skilled in organizational leadership, he is known for his genuine love for people, his impeccable integrity, and his ability to build winning organizations. As a scholar and gifted Bible teacher, James emphasizes personal character development, while challenging listeners intellectually from God’s Word.

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